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Beauty Respect online sales site for CapiPlante products, 100% NATURAL essential oils based products that I have been using for more than 15 years in my own beauty salon "Beauty Respect" in Albufeira

CapiPlante is a French brand of natural cosmetics, expert in the scalp, hair and skin.

First natural fusion treatment, thanks to the bioactivity of essential oils, 100% pure and total, CapiPlante has developed highly effective skincare programs, also offering a unique sensory experience.

At the origin of this fusional capacity are the naturally bioactive molecules present in essential oils. In some combinations of essential oils, there are up to 150 different molecules. It is these molecules, in combination with other natural assets, that give CapiPlante its healing power.

At the origin of CapiPlante, the meeting of two passionate men: Mr. Bouchenez, professional hairdresser and Mr. Maichesseau, passionate about essential oils.

Very quickly their cooperation gives birth to the first product CapiPlante, the legendary Capillary Oil No. 5, still integrated in the current range under the name of Capillary Oil No. 56.

Over the years and depending on the needs of hairdressers, other products are created and a real range of care begins to emerge in hair, face and body products. Still without preservatives, parabens, no ionized, no perfume and no dyes, the products are true precursors in a care market that would develop only 30 years later. Successively, the brand also incorporates vegetable oils, resinoids and flower absolutes to the formulas of its products, each year more numerous and more pointed.

Today, many professionals of the hairdressing and the esthetics practice the CapiPlante care in salon and institute by proposing hair and dermatological treatments of a very high quality.

CapiPlante is now owned by Laboratoires Paris Dôme.

Since its creation in 1972, CapiPlante defends quality values ​​in the rigorous selection of ingredients and the manufacture of its fusion and natural treatments:

- Naturalness: All products are formulated with 85% natural ingredients, guaranteed paraben free, preservatives free, dye free, non-ionized and not tested on animals.

- Purity: CapiPlante selects exclusively essential oils of a total purity, resulting from a first cold pressing.

- Efficiency: For more than 40 years CapiPlante has been engaged in the search for natural cosmetics and essential oils. It benefits its customers through highly effective hair and dermatology programs.