All on the face with CapiPlante

All on the face with CapiPlante

Face Programs


Facial skin is the most sensitive, fragile and exposed part of the body to external influences, cold, sun and pollution.

CapiPlante programs have been specifically designed to protect your skin and provide the care it needs.

Delicately scented with essential oils, 100% pure and natural, CapiPlante facial treatments respect the pH of your skin. They bring it softness, improve its elasticity and ensure your makeup a perfect fit.



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    Daniel BRAGONI
    fev 6, 2020

    Ma compagne recherche pour le visage un onguent Capiplante que je n'ai pas trouvé sur le site : http:beauté/respect.com2capiplante ... Comment peux t-on faire pour se procurer ce produit ?

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    dawson allian
    fev 20, 2020

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