Letting your hair dry in the open is a bad idea

Letting your hair dry in the open is a bad idea

Do you usually sleep or go out with wet hair?

A weakened fiber

Keeping your hair wet for too long damages your hair fiber. When the hair is wet, it is half as strong as when it is dry. Indeed, naturally occurring materials on the hair (such as sebum) are removed during shampooing, leaving the fiber unprotected.

The hair is made of what is called a cortex. It is wrapped by cuticles that protect it like a kind of tile, When the lengths are full of water, pressure is exerted on the cuticles. The result ? The hair would be weakened and the forks would make their appearance more quickly.

The hair can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water: the longer you leave them wet, the more the fiber continues to swell and the more likely it is to damage its scales and become damaged. But then, what routine to adopt?

How to dry your hair well

Never brush wet hair. This is the first thing to avoid if you do not want to break the hair. It should also gently spin its lengths with a towel or T-shirt before brushing. Use a wide-tooth comb, never a brush and go gently to limit breakage.

How to dry them safely? Use a hair dryer. But no matter how intense heat can also have negative effects on your hair. You must first dry them with air at a very low temperature and then increase the heat as you dry.

This is what Dr. Tim Moore says at Dailymail


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